Lustus Productions is a woman-owned photography company specializing in boudoir and portraits. I am based in Seattle, and happily + frequently travel both domestically and internationally.

My most important value is for my subjects and collaborators to feel safe and comfortable both on and off camera. Whether you have never modeled before, or are a seasoned pro—we will work together and I will provide as much or as little posing and guidance as you need to get you images that will dazzle you, your friends + lovers, and...the world. 

I am proud to work with a range of amazing clients of all sizes, persuasions, abilities, races, and genders. The body comes in many forms, and all deserve to be celebrated in their unique manifestations of life and energy. 

My creation style, like the whole world, flows. Magic is always an ingredient in our alchemical creations. Whether you are looking for a simple, elegant, classic look or over-the-top, highly-conceptual and stylized shoot—I delight in both and more.

Just like you and the work we will make together, life contains many rhythms. 

I approach making images as a collaboration between photographer and subject—an interaction that is not predetermined, but rather is the result of mixing creative energies and shared visions. 

I'm so excited to hear from you and truly love collaborating with a range of souls, personalities, and energies to create images you will love for years and situations to come.